An Overview of the BH Network Goals

An Overview of the BH Network Goals

1. Lower Marketplace Fees

2. A Fairer Marketplace for Everyone

3. No Fraudulent Chargebacks

4. Lifetime Footprint on Blockchain

5. Interoperability

6. Adoption — Bringing Crypto to the Mainstream and Vice-Versa

  • You sell a custom logo design for 100 USD. When the buyer pays, the platform charges them, by default, 1–3% of the sale cost, but you do not see that.
  • You, as seller, will also be charged up to 20%
  • When you cash out via a third-party payment processor (as no platform has an all-in-one service at the time of writing this statement), they will also charge you 2–6% for transferring funds into your FIAT bank account.
  • Making matters worse, you will need to pay taxes; there will also be accounting fees if you own a small company.

7. Easier Global Adaptation

8. Stablecoins for Buyers and Sellers Who do not Like Volatility

9. Friendly UX/UI

  • Allow connection through Maiar App (for example)
  • Buy service
  • Wait for delivery
  • Approve through Maiar
  • Money released
  • Invoice received

10. Avoiding Marketplace Manipulation Through Fake Reviews





The Internet of Freelancers

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BH Network

BH Network

The Internet of Freelancers

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