BH Network — MVP Tutorial and FAQs

What is the BH Network MVP?

How to Login to the MVP Via Desktop or Laptop — A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

1. Visit The MVP Website

2. Click on the Sign-In

3. Choose Log in Method

4. Click “Maiar” Login

5. Open the Maiar App on your Mobile Device

6. Open The Maiar App

7. Log in to Maiar

8. Open the Maiar Quick Menu

9. Select Wallet Connect:

10. Scan the MVP QR Code

How to Login Via Mobile

1. Visit the Website on A Mobile Device

2. Click on the Menu Icon

3. Click on Sign In

4. Click on “Maiar” Login

5. Click Maiar Login

Frequenlty Asked Questions

Why Do You Need to Install Maiar?

How to login with Ledger

1. Setting up Ledger

2. Install the Elrond EGLD App on Your Ledger‌

3. Turn Contract Data On

4. Log into BH Network Marketplace MVP Using the Ledger Device

Why Do We Need to Choose the First Root Address from the Ledger, not Secondary Addresses?

What Data Do We Store?

How Do We Buy XeGLD?

How to Top Up XeGLD?

Is XeGLD Real eGLD?

Do I Need to Pay to Use Them?

Do I Need to Pay to Use the MVP Platform?

How do I Convert XeGLD to xBHAT?

How Do I Post a Test Job?

Explain to Me Like I Am A Nerd

How Does The MVP Connect to the Blockchain?

What Makes it Secure?

How is the MVP Built?

Why Do We Use a Database For Storage?

How Will the Smart Contracts Work Between Two Parties and How and When Will The BHAT Team Get Involved?




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