Black Hat Network Token — The Idea

A decentralized token specifically for Internet marketers

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Black Hat Token — A real use for a real community

Calling All Internet Marketers

Who is a Black Hat? — Everyone, that’s who!

We all work hard and are great at what we do. We deserve our own space in the cryptocurrency market, and you know it. Internet marketers are the backbone of the internet, without us, there would be nothing.

No matter which niche of internet marketing you are in, you understand the reality of the requirement. There are things that people just need, and we give it to them. From gamers, streamers, and influencers, to social media wizards, eCommerce, drop shippers, SEOs, programmers, and graphic artists, and everyone in between.

Do you try to make a living on the internet? You are a Black Hat!

We understand how challenging it is becoming to make a living on the internet. There are so many corporate businesses that we have to fight against every day. That’s why we are going to make it easier for everyone to get what they deserve.

How many times have you tried to negotiate a better price for what you want or need? Maybe you want more likes, shares, comments on your social media account, or create content in the hopes that Google will love it as much as you. Whatever you need, you want it better, faster, and more affordable.

It’s not just a job, it’s not even a way of thinking… It’s a state of mind.

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The Internet of Freelancers

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BH Network

BH Network

The Internet of Freelancers

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